The Scrapper

The Scrapper

My 3 year old son, Kaden, is the definition of the strong willed child.  He knows what he wants and he is going to go after it.  If he wants to build it, play with it, drive it, watch it, touch it or whatever, if you try and stop him be prepared for a scrap.  I know what you are thinking, he is three of course it will be a scrap.  Trust me, you do not get it.  He will scrap.  It is on.  He does not care if you are daddy, mommy, grandma, a cousin, a stranger, or his 6 month old little sister, he will use force, yelling, tantrums, crying, shouting, etc. to get what he wants.  He pursues what he wants with wreckless abandon.  No fear, no regrets, no surrender.  He has an attitude of “scrap” in him.

Now as a parent this is not always fun – in fact most times it is not fun.  But I love my boy’s drive.  I love his spunk.  I love his passion for what he wants.  I love his never say die just to have that car or sit right there.  Sure he needs tempered, but I love that he has that “I will do this” mindset.  I think many of us big people (adults) could learn a thing or two from my son.  Will we scrap for what we believe in?  Do we run after anything with passion?  When is the last time you would not take “no” for an answer because you thought you were right about that thing?  I watch people say they want something or believe in something, but at the first sign of adversity or even after a fair amount of adversity, they quit.  No scrap.  No drive. No passion.  When you are someone who dreams and dreams big, you realize that seeing those dreams turn into reality will require some scrap.  Do you have it?

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