I have been watching the baseball playoffs off and on.  I do not have a dog in the fight so I really do not care that much.  I love sports, so I watch.  As I have watched the last few weeks, I have been reminded how some people just have a gift at something.  Watching someone with such a gift, and the level of performance and excellence  he or she gives at his or her craft makes me smile and feel like I am witnessing real creative beauty.  Manny Ramirez for the Dodgers (I liked it better when he hit for my Cleveland Indians) has a gift to hit a baseball.  I know he is not curing cancer or feeding the poor or writing inspirational literature, but the man can hit.  It is incredible.  He makes something that is very difficult statistically look easy.  He is stupid good.  I know…he is a jerk, a bad teammate, and he is lazy, but he has a gift.  I love watching him exercise that gift.  I just appreciate the artistry of excellence.  I can appreciate anything or almost anything done excellently.

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