I Insist

I am sure you have been offered something that you politely declined and the person offering looked at you and said, “I insist.”  Or maybe you have done that to someone else.  It is a way of saying, I will not take no for an answer.  This is going to happen.  I will not be stopped.  Well today, I want to insist on a few things.  As you read them, you might say, “that is not true”, “are you kidding”, “please” or “I am so happy to hear that.”  What ever your response, I am insisting that you let these soak into your soul and that you realize they are true – I will not let you say no.  I insist – You matter.  You are gifted.  You were born to love others and have purpose as that happens.  You are valued by the God of the universe.  You are forgiven in Jesus Christ.  You are loved.  There is a way.  The pain can go away.  Failure is not always bad.  Your past can be your past.  People can be jerks, but you do not have to be.  You can make someones day.   Your life is not an accident.  Believe these – I insist!

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