I Love It

I am so excited for Sunday morning at Grace Fellowship.  Our church is finishing a series, called Action, that has been teaching us how God desires that we take our personal and corporate transformation and put it into real time through serving others.  God desires that his people, the church, would feed those who need food, clothe those who can not clothe themselves, help the brokenhearted, serve our neighbors – in general, we would love others through deed as much as we love ourselves.  Challenging, revolutionary stuff.  The kind of stuff where we put our money and time where our mouths often are.  Time to put the rubber to the road.

So on Sunday after our first service, we our mobilizing basically our entire church to go serve the community.  We will be helping nursing homes, serving the city of Pickerington, blessing home owners, taking care of the parks, encouraging city officials, etc.  This is not about marketing.  Sure our name gets out and as the Senior Pastor, I like that, but it is not for this reason we are doing this.  We are the church.  The church is a people of action.  A people of love.  A people of service.  We are the hands and feet and kidney and toes and arms of Christ – we are His body.  Hopefully the world will see the body of Christ busy with action on Sunday morning. 

I love our church and I love this event and the culture the event represents that exists at Grace Fellowship.  I love it!

One thought on “I Love It

  1. I love our church too! It is great to be able to practice what we preach and wonderful to be serving our community. The next step is to make service a lifestyle and not just a day. I am inspired and looking forward to Sunday.

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