Why do I waste so much?   Why do I make so little out of what plenty I have been given?  Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I am alone in this habit.  I was reminded yesterday as I watching something on E:60 on ESPN about what it means to maximize one’s ability, resources and health.  The show featured a segment on Brian Kajiyama.  Brian is now a PHD student at the university of Hawaii.  He serves as manager to the football at Hawaii and he did serve as a coach on the team.  You say, so what, lots of folks do that.   When Brian was a baby his lungs collapsed and he suffered brain damage which eventually led to cerebral palsy.  The entire left side of his body is paralyzed and he can not talk.  He uses a keypad with special voice software to type in what he wants to say and then a voice communicates it.  He is confined to a wheelchair and has limited movement with his body in general.  Yet here he is – PHD student, coach, manager, surfer (a friend puts him on the board and goes with him), regular guy.  And oh yeah…inspiration.  With his own drive, the help of friends and a positive attitude, Brian has accomplished so much and will continue to do so.  He has maximized and will continue ot maximize his life.

I watched and I cried.  I am ashamed of all I have and all I have been given and what I have yielded.  Sure I have been able to get some stuff done and achieve some things.  But often along the way as the stuff does get don, I gripe, complain, want more handouts, and wonder why can’t even better things happen to me.  Yet, do I maximize all that I have or do I squander some of its potential.  I want to make the most of the cards I have been dealt and not squander my blessings and opportunities. 

Let me encourage you to check out Brian’s story.  You will also be inspired by one the past coaches for Hawaii who reached out to Brian and befriended him.  A cool story of loving someone who is not like you.  It challenges us all to consider what kind of person we are and how well are we growing into what we could possibly be.  Thanks Brian for the motivation!

2 thoughts on “Squander

  1. Adversity has a way of strengthening us to beat all the odds or it can break us down to defeat us. Looks like Brian chose the former. Every day we are faced with choices too. What a great reminder for us to choose life and challenge our status quo!

  2. Do you think that Brian thinks he has maximized everything that he does have? That he constantly puts in that extra effort and never wastes anything. My guess is no. It is one of those things in life where we can all always do better, but yet in this life will never reach perfection. It is a good thing to desire to be better, to want to improve and to want to make better use of your skills, talents and gifts. At the same time we should not be discouraged and should be careful not to set unrealistic expectations for yourself, which results in us beating ourselves up.

    Do you think that there are people out there who look up to you? They think that you have it all figured out and are giving the best at everything. Crazy to think that, but it is probably true (oh how little they know!). Could that change the way that we think and our actions?

    Lots to ponder. My conclusion is that we all need to continue to work to make ourselves more like Christ. We should never be content with where we are in life, but yet not live in a state of discontentment. That is the challenge of life!

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