Prayer for A Student

On Saturday night, a student at the University of Toledo named Evan was shot in the shoulder and in the right hand.  His family attends the church where I serve as a pastor.  Evan is doing well, but may lose his right pinkie finger that was severely damaged.  I would ask that you pray for Evan and his upcoming surgery as well as offer prayers for his parents, Chris and Margaret, and Evan’s sister, Nicole.  I have asked his parents what they would like most during this time – answer – prayers.

One thought on “Prayer for A Student

  1. My prayers are being lifted up for Chris, Margaret, Evan, and Nicole during this trying time. What a scary thing to have happened to Evan in his first year away from home. When something happens to one of your children the pain is almost unbearable.

    This is one of the consequences we face as a result of someone else’s sinful decision and not our own as Jen stated in her response to your “Unfair Reputation” post. We live in a terribly sinful world and with God’s grace we survive it.

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