Tired.  Frustrated.  Stretched.  Confused.  Annoyed.  Sad.  Unsure.  Those are some words that describe how I have felt during some stretches over the last week.  Reality is that I am fine.  I just have had some pitches come across the plate that I was not looking for and was not ready to hit.  In the course of life, even when you are in a good place, challenges and struggles are there.  Although fine, I am a little down.  But a cool thing happened today.  I got a lift.  I got some fresh wind.  I got some Red Bull for my soul.  It came from an unexpected place.  I was not looking.  But the lift came and I am grateful.  I needed it.

Side note – the “lift” can show up in many ways, but often the “lift” shows up in the form of people.  Be a lift for someone today.  Encourage, love, support, befriend, value someone.  You never know when you might be the the very lift he or she needs.

One thought on “Lift

  1. Mmm. Red Bull for the soul. Very cool. I think sometimes we allow ourselves to slump over in defeat or disgust or despair or desperation instead of simply lifting our heads to feel that wind you talk about. It can come from unexpected people and places, can’t it? I’m starting to see the real value in allowing myself time and people to “fill my cup.” And while it’s oh-so-sweet when a lift of encouraging love comes from another person — all the more reason to act on the Holy Spirit’s prompting to pick up the phone, send an email or drop a note of kindness — we always, always have that lift waiting for us when we open the Word, don’t you think?

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