Right Kind of People

I was reflecting on my life while driving to work.  There was one theme that kept coming to the surface as I kept thinking.  That theme was that I have been privileged to have many people in my life who pushed, directed, encouraged, challenged, modeled, taught, disciplined me into being a better person.  I had great relationships with all kinds of folks (beginning with my parents and now people I pastor and play basketball with) who showed me the right kind of decisions and details to consider as I went on the journey of life.  Now whether I listened or was influenced enough to go where they suggested was up to me.   And I am not sure I landed where some of them wanted in certain areas.  But at the end of day, I have had awesome people in my life who have shaped me and I am thankful for them.  I prayed for many of them this morning.  I would encourage you to thank those who have helped shape and move you in the right direction in your life.  Such people are unique and special.

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