Ohio Sports Fan

Why do we do it to ourselves?  Why?  I was raised to love Ohio State football and Cleveland Browns football (as well as all Cleveland sports teams).  And that teaching took from a young age.  I love those teams.  They by no means define my life.  These teams do not make or break my world.  But watching and cheering and yelling are a hobby, a passion.  For those of us who have these 2 teams as our passion, we know all about frustration and agony.  Between the Browns game versus the Steelers and the Buckeyes vs the Trojans, my two teams combined to score (are you ready) 9 points in 8 quarters of football.  They had no touchdowns.  Poor clock management, questionable coaching, stupid penalties, poor tackling, etc, etc.  Ugly – that is the word to describe it.  And yet, here it is, we will all do it again to ourselves next week.  It’s in our blood.  It’s a sickness.  Oh, the life of an Ohio sports fan.

3 thoughts on “Ohio Sports Fan

  1. Don’t dispair – there will be more good football to watch. You have absolutely positively, even though you are an OSU fan, got to check out the video clips on the web and a game with Michigan’s Sam McGuffie. WOW! He is unbelievable! Now that’s some good football! But don’t beat me up for wanting to watch a good football game – I’m still an OSU diehard. Go Bucks!

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