Kaden & Kaiya

Kaden & Kaiya

Fear.  Just writing the word brings all kinds of images and thoughts to one’s mind.  Snakes, heights, tight places, failure, the unknown, death, the dark, OSU losing to Michigan…I mean all kinds of stuff can scare us.  I am not a super brave guy.  I like to do “guy” things like ride 4 wheelers or shoot guns or jump from cliffs, but yet I like to do it in a safe environment with people I trust and with others who often lead the way.  I am not a huge risk taker, but I would not describe myself who gets afraid very easily though either.  I like challenge, I will tackle the unknown, I will try something new.  Strange places, exotic food, a new idea, creepy animals – in general – I am not afraid.  Not much fear.  I am often hesitant, but not fearful.  I have discovered something in life that terrifies me to death.  Something that brings real fear.  Something that is awesome and amazing and yet at the same time brings great trepidation – parenting.  As I parent my 2 children I experience fear.  I get afraid.  Am I doing it right?  Am I screwing them up?  What is next?  Will they be alright?  Will they chase after Jesus?  Will they like me?  All in all it is a reality of having so much control and yet NO control at the same time.  It is the one thing that brings real fear into my life.  And yet, I would never want the opportunity to be taken from me.

3 thoughts on “Fear

  1. I think that knowing in the end you have no control is very scary! We can only do our best and pray that God fills in the cracks with His grace!

  2. Ah, you must not have FEAR. Just be there – that’s all you have to do. You are the biggest and best “toy” on the earth to them right now (well, boxes are good too!). Time is what we MUST give, and a listening ear. They just want to know that you hear them. There is nothing to fear, because God is always with them. As they grow, it’s really easy to get caught up in forward thinking – you know, about their future. When you can really focus on today, right now, and get your head into being with them at the moment, this is when you develop the relationship with them that will stand the test of time, peers, and any other “crud” that seeps in. And we’ll always be praying for you!

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