Bigger Than YOU

I heard a guy talking the other day (he is a great coach for a team that I can’t stand (Duke)) about a situation from one of his ex-players.  The player had gotten into some off the court trouble and the coach had to punish him by suspending the player from being able to play.  Living in Columbus, Ohio and being a Buckeye football fan we hear about this all the time.  Should this guy who got caught doing “that” play this week or the next week?  Our feelings are often driven by who is on the schedule.  Can we win with out them?  We need them. Or whatever.  The coach from Duke made a great point regarding the situation.  He said if you want to be a part of something great, something bigger than yourself, you must be committed to that at all times.  You can not be off.  Your actions whether directly related to the activity, group or team or not – directly affect the activity, group or team.  The environment is irrelevant. This is the sacrifice of self-denial if you are going to be a part of something greater than yourself.  At no time can it be about you.  This is the cost.  This is the responsibility.  The question is do you want to really be a part of that thing that is bigger than you.

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