Well today is my birthday.  I turn 30.  Birthdays do not do much for my emotional state one way or the other.  But of course it does make you think a little.  In one sense I feel like the first 30 years has flown by and yet in another sense there are so many memories, mistakes, successes, joys, hurts and so on that it seems like 30 would never get here.  I guess time ticks the same way no matter how we feel about it or what we do with it.  I am so grateful to my God, my family and my friends for what the first 30 years of my life has looked like.  There are not enough words to express how fortunate my journey has been.  Time is a funny thing.  You can’t by it.  You can’t make it.  You can’t get it back.  Bottom line in regards to time – we must redeem it.  We must live like each second matters and is a second we can not get back.  We must number our days so that we maximize them.  So that e enjoy life fully.  In order that love others completely.  So that we can harness all of our potential.  One moment at a time, where we drink it in and appreciate it.  I wish I lived this way and thought this way more often.  I wish I could translate these thoughts on time into day to day and into my calendar.  Here is to translating these thoughts into our lives.

3 thoughts on “Time

  1. Happy B-day, bro. You turning 30 means one thing to me: I’m getting way to close to 40. 🙂 As I look back at my 38 years, I wish that I’d had a longer view of things. What could I have accomplished by now if I’d had a concrete long-term goal 10, 15 or 20 years ago? I’m trying to change that now as I figure, God willing, I have another 20 good years in me before my energy starts to wane and my body starts to resist doing the things my mind wants it to do. I had forgotten that you and Melissa have the same B-day.

  2. * Congrats on your blog, I think it wonderfull *

    Oh to be 30 again and know what I know now…isn’t that what everyone who’s older says? It’s true…when your body shows those signs of age but your perception of things mature you literally can’t do what you’d like to do. I think that’s why older people always want to give advice to younger people and younger people have to find out for themselves….

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