For Real? I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This

It amazes me I am typing this. A blog.  For real.  Me.  A blog.  I am the last person that I ever thought would be writing a blog.  I have been known to say who do people with blogs think they are.  I mean, who are you?  Who cares? Since when did your opinion, musings, observations, critiques matter?  I have always been skeptical that anyone who owns a computer and has some time can share his or her brain for all to enjoy and then wait to have those who read let him or her know how brilliant he or she is.  I do not mean to be cynical, but is how I felt.  But, I have warmed up.

After reading some blogs and having some folks encourage me to start one, I decided, let’s go.  A blog – yeah that’s right.  So here I go.  I’m in. 

I know I am not anyone special, but I hope to share some random thoughts that I am personally working through that encourage, spur on, challenge and inform.  I hope to create some good dialogue.  I even hope to grow personally through this process.  I anticipate me sharing observations,  passing on material that I am reading or watching, stuff that moves me and just how I am being challenged.  I guess it’s kind of backstage pass to my head – that is scary.

Well enough already…
Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback.

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